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Moving to another tumblr account.

Thanks, everyone who has followed me on this rather random/weird tumblr of mine. 
I have decided to create another tumblr where I can start anew and share what I really want to, even if no one cares for it. I don’t mean to say that what I’ve posted isn’t me, it is and very much so, but I’ve been wanting to organize myself and try to post a bit less with a lot more substance, as well as write about subjects much more personal to me.

I would have loved to keep updating this blog and maintain it as more of a “catch a glimpse of the world” kind of things with photography of scenic views from all over the globe, but I’m a bit too lazy to log in and out of accounts to continue doing that. 

So so far I’ll just leave this note here, and if I change my mind I’ll be deleting this domain and adding it to my other account in hopes of having a place to post nice pictures of the world. Or I might come back and post a link to another tumblr I can continue to post my reblogs on.

Best wishes to all and may you have a Happy New Year
God Bless 

Being friends with people in different time zones suck :c

:[ It does



Clark still believes in Santa Claus


More Terence Blanchard!

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Wolftrait Alley

Here goes my posts, and reblogs (mostly reblogs) of pixel art, gaming, technology, geek life, chivalrous deeds, and nostalgic memories. Also, an equal share of melancholia, and joyous hope. Enjoy


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